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TKD Zapresic needs your help to raise funds for a new van which will be used for attending tournaments across all of Europe. Our kids safety is the top priority!

Taekwondo Club Zapresic was founded in 2004 and has about 120 members. Last year, we established the Parataekwondo Club so that people with disabilities can also participate in sports. Our current and only vehicle, a 2008 Peugeot Expert with ~360000 km helped us make many good memories attending tournaments from Greece to Sweden, and from Spain to Russia.
Unfortunately, the vehicle’s condition will no longer allow us to safely make longer trips. The last long-distance trip was to Belgium a few weeks ago, and making it back home safely was a struggle.

Any donation will help us in our mission to get a newer vehicle which will serve us well for several years.
Thanks kindly in advance for your help!

Donation Total

780 €
  • Bank Accounts: 3000,00 kn / 100 €
  • GoGetFunding Campaign: 271.00 €
  • CryptoCurrency: ~ 5 €

Company Donations

Companies donations are accepted as well, for every donation above 150€, an sticker with company logo/text will be created and added on the van body. Your company will have marketing through all cities and places where we are visiting! Don’t you agree it is very good advertising solution?

Donate directly to our bank accounts

International Donations (EUR, USD, GBP..)

Bank Address: Franje Račkog 6, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
TKD Zapresic Account: HR30 2340 0091 1101 6168 2
Reference: TKD Zapresic – drive safely

Local Donations (HRK)

Bank Address: Franje Račkog 6, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
TKD Zapresic Account: HR86 2340 0091 5110 3616 3
Reference: TKD Zapresic – drive safely

Donate through GoGetFunding Campaign or with CryptoCurrencies

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